Our Story

We are committed to providing the best artisanal pizza — straight from Italy to your oven.

Premium Pizza

We’ve long realized the key to a great pizza is a great crust. Working alongside pizza artists in Italy, we developed a unique pizza that starts with the perfect foundation: an artisanal, wood-fired crust.

Four Pillars of Excellence

Our pizza is built from four key pillars of excellence:

  • A simple base: Our crust begins with six simple, GMO-free ingredients – including the world’s best flour, the finely ground “00” grade.
  • The best rising agent – time: Our dough is proofed (letting the dough rise) for 24 hours. This gives our crust a light, crispy taste – instead of a heavy, bready texture like many other pizza crusts.
  • Natural process, unique results: Unlike other pizzas on the market our crusts are made from real dough balls, which are stretched by hand before being placed in a wood-fired oven. No two crusts are the exact same, but all have a truly wood-fired flavor.
  • A premium finish: Our pizzas are finished off with premium Mediterranean vegetables, sauces, and cheeses. We use less cheese for more flavor.